The Ultimate Benefits of Being a House Sitter

There are several reasons why you might consider being a house sitter but if this is all new to you, please keep reading.

House sitting is a great concept! You get to travel wherever you want without paying for your accommodations. It is a win-win situation. The homeowner, in turn, has peace of mind knowing that his home (and pets) are in good hands.

House sits can be short-term or long-term. For example, we have gone from a 4-day weekend to 4 months. That’s the beauty of house sitting. You get to choose the length of stay and location.

You have to admit that this is an exciting way to travel. With Trusted House Sitters, for example, you can house sit all over the world—Mexico, Australia, Hawaii, and Thailand—and live in comfort. Maybe travelling abroad isn’t on your bucket list, but what about getting to know your own country better? House sitting provides the perfect opportunity.

Top Benefits of Being a House Sitter

Save Money

There are many reasons to house sit but one of the biggest is to save money. Perhaps you’re waiting for your house to be built or finalizing a home purchase; maybe you feel the need to get away from stress; maybe you want to travel to other countries; free accommodations, utilities, and wifi (in most cases) in exchange for looking after someone’s home (and pets) can save you a ton of money.

People and Culture

You will meet so many people from all walks of life; some of these people will become lifelong friends, especially if they come to you for repeat sits. Take the time to learn the culture and language; explore the cuisine; and check out local events.


You can choose a house to sit in for any duration—a few days, several months, or even a year. You can choose the pets you want to look after. For instance, my husband is allergic to horses, so, of course, we don’t even look at those house sits. Not all house sits involve animals, though. Sometimes the owners just want someone in the house. This was the case with a four-month house sit in Ottawa that we did (repeat sit). The owner was travelling to Antarctica and wanted someone to live in the house and take care of her plants. We took this opportunity to visit the Royal Canadian Mint, the National Gallery, the Byward Market, and Chinatown.

Rewarding Experience

In addition to travelling, saving money, meeting new people and learning about different cultures, there is the reward of helping others and loving someone’s pet. The homeowner is putting all their trust in you.

We have bonded with so many pets over the years that I can’t tell you how amazing it has been. The homeowners are so grateful to be able to leave their pets behind, knowing that they will be looked after. You are giving the owner a sense of peace and allowing them to relax and enjoy their time away. It is an amazing feeling.

Some animals we have looked after besides cats and dogs are lizards, chickens, and hens. We do draw the line at free-roaming reptiles like big snakes, though!


Pets We have Sat For

Pets We Have Sat For

Pets We Have Sat For

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