FAQs: Important Advice That Will Make House Sitters Shine

Asking the right questions as house sitters is essential to a smooth house-sitting experience, which can be exciting and rewarding. Knowing the specifics of your responsibilities and the homeowner’s expectations is crucial, regardless of experience level or first-time consideration.

FAQ's, house sitters

Arrival and Departure of House Sitters:

  1. What dates and times are the house sitters expected to arrive and leave?
  2. Who will be available to meet the sitters upon arrival and provide a house tour?
  3. Is it possible to do a ‘meet and greet’ before familiarizing ourselves with the house and pets?
  4. Is the house sitter required to be on site the evening before?
  5. Are there any specific instructions for house sitters entering the property?
  6. What provisions have you made if your return is temporarily delayed or permanent?

General Pet Care:

  1. What are the names, breeds, and ages of the pets I’ll be caring for?
  2. Will you provide written, detailed instructions for your pet, including feeding schedules, exercise routines, and any medical needs?
  3. Are there any behavioural issues or specific instructions for handling the pets?
  4. How often would you like updates and photos of your pets?
  5. Are there any areas off-limits to the pets?
  6. What are their sleeping arrangements?
  7. Where do you keep their food?
  8. What provisions have you made for the house sitters should a pet die while you are away?
  • Dog Care for House Sitters

  1. Where do you keep the leashes, poop bags, and toys?
  2. How often do you take the dogs for a walk and where?
  3. Are there any animals in the neighbourhood to avoid?
  4. Are there dog-friendly restaurants in the area?
  5. Does your dog get treats and where are they located?
  • Cat Care for House Sitters

  1. Where is the litter box kept?
  2. How often do you clean the litter box?
  3. Is your cat strictly an indoor cat?
  4. If your cat goes out, what time does he/she come in for the night?
  5. Does your cat get treats and where are they located?

Emergency Contact Information for House Sitters

Contact info, house sitters

  1. Do you have emergency contact information, including your email, voice, and social media accounts?
  2. Do you have local family member contact information for the house sitters?
  3. Do you have contact information for your veterinarian?
  4. Do you have a preferred nearby vet clinic or animal hospital in case of emergencies?
  5. Is there an account set up at the veterinarian for emergencies?
  6. Have you left a set of keys with any of your neighbours?

General House Details:

Making a lot of inquiries upfront about a house sit helps prevent unpleasant surprises later. As the house sitters, ensure you know the answers to the following as you speak with your host.

  • Logistics and Overview of House Layout

  1. Are there any areas or rooms off-limits to the house sitters?
  2. Where does the house sitter sleep?
  3. Are there drawers, closet space and hangers for the house sitters?
  4. How do I operate essential household systems (HVAC) and security systems?
  5. Are there any security systems or alarms the house sitters need to know?
  6. Are there cameras located inside/outside the home?
  7. Where is the main water shut-off located?
  8. Where is the circuit breaker box located?
  9. Is there a battery backup or surge protectors onsite?
  10. Do household electrical items require resetting after a power outage?
  • House Maintenance

  1. Are there any specific maintenance tasks or routines for the house sitters?
  2. Do you have a pool/lawn care/gardening schedule?
  3. Are there any specific instructions for garbage disposal and recycling?
  4. Are there any appliances or systems that require regular maintenance or attention?
  5. Do you have any preferences about the utilities, such as adjusting thermostat settings or turning off lights when not in use?
  6. Are there specific cleaning products or routines you prefer for maintaining cleanliness?
  7. Are there any particular areas of the house that need extra attention?
  8. Is there a schedule for cleaners that the house sitters need?

Entertainment and Internet:

  1. Can the house sitter use your entertainment systems, such as TV, and streaming services?
  2. What is the Wi-Fi password, and are there any restrictions on its usage?
  3. What is the internet speed?
  4. Where is the modem/router located?
  5. Are there any rules for having visitors visiting or staying overnight?

Miscellaneous Questions for House Sitters:

  1. Is there a car available for the house sitter’s use?
  2. What type of local transportation is available in the area, such as buses, Uber, and taxis?
  3. Do you have a list of local emergency services and essential contact numbers?
  4. What should the house sitter do with mail and packages that arrive during your absence?
  5. Is anyone scheduled to come by for deliveries or services during the house-sitting period?
  6. What is the address of the house for physical deliveries?
  7. Is the sitter required to pay out of pocket for any expenses that concern the home or pet?
  8. Is there anything else you think the house sitter should know or be aware of before starting the house-sitting assignment?


When preparing for a house-sitting assignment, house sitters must gather all necessary information to ensure a smooth and comfortable stay. As travellers and frequent house sitters, we feel it is important to know as much about the house sit as possible.

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