A Day With Professional Pet Sitters: Inside Look

In a world where work commitments, travel plans, and unforeseen circumstances often pull us away from home, the role of professional pet sitters emerges as a beacon of reassurance and care.

These unselfish people step into the shoes of homeowners, providing a vital service that goes beyond merely maintaining a property; they become temporary caregivers of beloved pets, guardians of household routines, and stewards of peace of mind.

Let’s take a look at how they combine responsibility, compassion, love and adventure that define who they are.

From morning walks with furry companions to evening check-ins ensuring homes remain safe and sound, each moment paints a picture of commitment and connection in the busy role of house and pet sitting.

Ever wonder how your pets behave when in the care of others? We decided to give you a peek into our latest sit. Each sit is unique but usually pets are involved.

This was our 4th house sit for Bev and Don and the girls, Joey and Sally. We thought it was time we introduced you to this amazing family here in Mexico.

Our Hosts

Bev and Don are two of the kindest, most generous people we have had the privilege to sit for. They are laid back and don’t get bent out of shape when things aren’t perfect. Their pets mean the world to them; you can see it in the way they interact and treat them.

Their home is set up for their fur babies, from a big pet door to a special place for their food and treats and access to most of the house.

It is also equipped for cooking, relaxing and entertaining, with a nice big deck, immaculate grounds and a swimming pool, all for the professional pet sitters’ comfort.

They offer us a car for our use if they do not need it. If they do, we have the use of two golf carts which we have used twice around the area, as well as public transportation.

Golf cart, man

Professional Pet Sitters Arrive at the Clients’ Home

Since this was a repeat sit, the routine for us was pretty much the same. We always arrive the night before, even though the pets know us. This ensures we learn of anything new since our last sit. We have the option of staying in the Casita or the spare bedroom in the main house.

Since they know we are big coffee drinkers, Bev or Don are kind enough to make a pot for us in the morning before they head out on their travel adventures.

A Typical Day for Professional Pet Sitters

Every house and pet sit is unique. Some have very strict rules, others are more laid back. New pet sits are always a challenge as you want to make sure you do everything right.

It helps when homeowners take the time to write out detailed instructions that involve the home and their pets. For repeat sits, it is easy to fall into a routine. This is a typical day with Sally and Joey.

Morning Routine

We can expect Joey, the younger of the two dogs, to come and wake us up between 6 and 7 (usually around 6:30). She comes into the bedroom, and puts her two paws on the bed for us to acknowledge her. After a quick scratch behind the ears, we then let both Joey and Sally outside for a quick bio break.

They then come inside and are content to sit with me while I have my first cup of coffee. As we go about our day, they hang out or go snooze some more.

Professional Pet Sitters, two dogs

Between 7:45 and 8, we take them for a good half-hour walk in the area, going up and down hills, ensuring we all get exercise. Both girls are well-behaved and only get excited if a cat or another dog crosses their paths, which thankfully isn’t too often.

Upon their return, we encourage them to have a drink of water while we prepare breakfast. Even though both girls are good eaters (especially Joey), Sally tends to get distracted easily. Once we get her to the food though, she usually digs in. Again, both sit and don’t move until we give them the go-ahead to eat.

After breakfast, they love to hang out on the deck. Sally has her special spot while Joey just goes wherever.

Mid-Day Break

We both have online businesses so spent a portion of the morning working. At noon, we have our lunch, perhaps give the girls a treat and then do any chores that need to be done. CJ takes out the garbage, sweeps the floors, cleans up the backyard, etc. If we have errands to run, we make sure we are back by dinnertime.


Joey and Sally are usually fed around 5 pm. Again, they are both hungry and eagerly wait for their food. Bev and Don make up a special concoction that we add to their dry food. Since Joey is a very fast eater, she has a slow feeder dish (there are several others on the market) designed to slow her down and it works! Sally tends to take her time. If she walks away from her dish, Joey thinks it is fair game and gives Sally’s dish a final lick, making sure there isn’t a single crumb left.

special dog dish, professional pet sitters

The more we sit, the more we notice that Sally is easier to feed as long as there are no major distractions.

After dinner, they go outside for a while, come back in for more relaxing moments and of course, another small treat. These girls are very well trained and always sit and wait patiently for their meals or treats.

If we sit out on the deck during the day or evening, they come and hang out with us.

Nightly Routine

You often find Joey cuddling up with CJ; sometimes they are on the deck or sofa, watching a hockey game or documentary while I am reading or busy doing other things.

Professional Pet Sitters, dog cuddling

Sally and Joey are usually ready to call it a night around 9 pm. This entails my husband taking a flashlight and the girls out for a final bio break. Sally especially loves this. She walks the perimeter of the grounds, looking for imaginary or real critters, while my husband accompanies her with the flashlight. Joey tags along because she doesn’t want to be left behind or miss anything.

When they come in, they get their final treat and head off to their respective beds while we sit and watch TV, read, or catch up on conversation.

Both girls are fully house-trained and never have an accident. Occasionally they wake us up for a bio break or because they might hear a noise.


black and white dog, American Stafford Terrier

Sally is a medium, black and white 6-year-old rescue dog, and the owners believe her to be an American Stafford Terrier. She has lots of love to give. She is the older of the two and has a shy demeanour when you first interact with her. But once she accepts you, she loves to cuddle and give kisses. Other notable things about Sally:

  • She can ignore you, especially if you leave her home alone. The good news for us is that this mood doesn’t last long.
  • Sally loves to lick but we noticed this time that it was way less than previous sits. Bev explained that she just needs to be acknowledged and petted and then she is content to stop.
  • She also loves belly rubs and often when we go to pat her, she will lay down and roll onto her back, expecting a belly rub, which of course she gets!
  • On our walks, sometimes she will just stop, sit, and look at you expectantly. She wants us to give her a little kibble that we always carry in a bag.
  • Sally hates to use the doggy door and will sit there, patiently (or stubbornly) waiting for you to open the screen door for her to come in. If you ignore her long enough, she will either come in through the doggy door or head for her favourite seat on the deck.


Dog relaxing, Professional Pet Sitters

Joey is a brown, medium-sized 3-year-old rescue. There’s nothing shy about Joey. She is affectionate, smart and determined. Joey’s claim to fame is food…she loves to eat!! As mentioned earlier, she has a special bowl so she has to work harder for her meals. Other notable things about Joey:

  • She is very loving and is always up for a cuddle or a scratch behind the ears.
  • She loves to walk and investigate everything in her path, whether it’s a scent, a pile of leaves, or anything that she considers interesting.
  • She is very cooperative when it comes to treats and meals, sitting readily and waiting patiently.
  • Bev has been training her to not come into the kitchen while she is working. This is a work in progress as Joey is very stubborn. She knows there is usually food involved!
  • She loves to sit next to my husband while he is watching TV, usually in the spot that I sit in. It’s a case of which one of us gets there first.

The Communication Between Owners and Professional Pet Sitters

Bev and Don are always a phone call or text message away. We try and take photos of the pets so we can share them via our cellphones.

Our role is to look after the home, pay any workers, provide updates, and most importantly, make sure that Sally and Joey are well taken care of.

Rewards for Professional Pet Sitters

There are many benefits to house sitting for professional pet sitters that extend far beyond any monetary gain. Immersion in a variety of settings, such as quiet country getaways, busy city flats, or comfortable suburban homes, is regarded as a unique pleasure.

Every task is made more exciting by the sense of adventure that comes with seeing new neighbourhoods, experiencing different lifestyles, and taking care of beloved pets.

In addition, house sitting strengthens the bond of trust between the sitter and the owner. Assigned the duty of protecting not only the home’s belongings but also the feathery, scaly, or furry family members, professional pet sitters frequently develop deep relationships with both owners and their animals. Mutual respect, dependability, and sincere concern form the basis of this tie, which creates enduring partnerships that go beyond the confines of a specific task.

Beyond the personal connections, house sitting offers the invaluable gift of flexibility and freedom. Professional pet sitters have the flexibility to create their schedules, allowing for a healthy work-life balance and the opportunity to pursue other interests or passions.


As I mentioned earlier, we have sat several times for Bev, Don, Joey and Sally. Each sit is fun and rewarding. We feel as though they are all our friends and as professional pet sitters, we have no hesitation to sit if the opportunity is available to us.

Joey and Sally are both rescue dogs that came from Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption Centre. If this is something you are interested in, looking after rescue pets, although challenging, can be very rewarding.

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