The Ultimate Reasons for Having A House Sitter

We have been house sitting for over 12 years, both professionally and privately. Having a house sitter provides many benefits to the home and pet owner. Most importantly, sitters will treat your home and pet as if they were their own.

This provides you with peace of mind while you travel, knowing everything is safe and secure at home.

a man kneeling beside a bouvier and a yorkie, house sitter


Home Environment

The number one reason we hear why owners want a sitter is that they just don’t want to leave their pets in a kennel or boarding facility but feel the pet will be happier in their home and surroundings. We agree!

Prohibitive Cost of Boarding

Another reason is that it can be very expensive to board animals, especially if there is more than one or they are rather large, such as horses, or maybe have chickens. If you have checked, the costs are probably staggering.


Many people do not want to leave their homes empty while travelling, especially for an extended period of time. Did you know that some insurance policies now require that someone be present in the home if the homeowner is planning to be away for any length of time?

The Burden to Family and Friends 

This was the case with our last house sit. We received an emergency call from a previous client stating that her sitters (friends) were letting her down and not able to complete the house sit. She had three dogs.

So in a panic, she called and asked if we could take over; she was in Mexico City so you can imagine how distressed she was. Happily, we were able to help out thus removing a great deal of stress for her.

Friends mean well but they aren’t as committed as a professional house sitter would be and may not be able to provide the love, care and time that you would expect.

Short and Long Term Trips

Whether you plan to be away for two weeks or a year, there is usually a sitter that will accommodate you. This allows you to plan a trip for as long as you want.

Cost Savings

When hiring a house sitter, you are trading services with them. They provide your home and pets with security, love and care and in turn, you are providing them with free accommodations thus enabling them to live cheaper and perhaps travel to places that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Trusted House Sitters, house sitter

Did you know…The staff at Trusted House Sitters perform hands-on-training? they are encouraged to experience house sitting so they can better understand what a homeowner needs! How cool is that?