House and Pet Sitting in Mexico (Ajijic)

Our first house and pet sitting in Mexico (Ajijic) ended earlier than we expected. There are still so many things we want to do and experience, so we plan on coming back very shortly.

Heron, water, rocks, Pet Sitting in Mexico (Ajijic)


We arrived at the end of April, during what was turning into a very hot time. May is considered the hottest month of the year (unlike Canada, where July and August are the hottest). June brought the rainy season for which Ajijic is famous, as it freshens everything and turns the mountains and hills into a lush, vibrant green.

Our Host

Ute is a very interesting woman who has travelled the world. This time, her trip was taking her to Germany and Canada.

Her home in Los Sabinos is in a small condominium complex and contains many interesting artifacts from her trips around the world. The house itself is very comfortable, with a great kitchen set up—a full-size stove and fridge with an ice maker, wine cooler, several small appliances, and lots of cupboards and counter space.

Two courtyards are filled with many beautiful plants and garden ornaments. There is a little tree that produces these small oranges. I tried getting the local name for them, deciding they were like a kumquat or something similar. I ended up making marmalade, and we loved the tangy/sweet taste.

Marmalade Preserves, Pet Sitting in Mexico


Ute has an excellent selection of books on the history of Mexico, and my husband spent many hours reading about the past and the founding cultures of what it is today.

The complex has a very big swimming pool and gym, which we regularly use, as well as a hot tub and clubhouse.

Los Sabinos, Ajijic

The Pets: Loxzie and Milagro

Loxzie is a beautiful female cat with soft fur and blue eyes. Milagro (which means Miracle) is a male grey and white cat with big paws. They are approximately 2 years old and are rescues.  Both love lots of attention, are very affectionate, and would make themselves comfortable wherever we were—the computer desk, sofas, bedrooms, and courtyards.

cat sleeping, desk, Pet Sitting in Mexico

When they weren’t looking for attention from us, they would hunt in the backyard; we rescued bugs, geckos, and even birds from their quick paws and mouths.

Milagro especially liked to help ‘unpack’ the bags after we visited the Tuesday organic market.


Cat, shopping bag, groceries, Pet Sitting in Mexico

Loxzie loved to play with her toys, and we would often hear her chasing a ball around on the floor from one end of the hallway to the other.

The first day or so, they kept their distance from us but soon were eating well, playing, and sleeping.

This was a really fun sit and we promised Ute we would return for a visit shortly.

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